Healing Adventures

Our Healing Adventures program uses experiences in and near the sea to help (and inspire!) people of all ages who face significant personal challenges.
We encourage everyone to spend time in the sea! We focus our efforts on two specific groups of people: children and combat-wounded U.S. military service members and veterans.
My Beach Report (MBR) is an educational sea adventure show hosted by students, for students, to help them SEE the SEA—and inspire them to get active.

What we do through Healing Adventures is offer participants an experience of freedom and joy unlike anything most of them have ever had. In a fun, supportive atmosphere, adults and children alike can “spread their wings” and enjoy feelings of exhilaration and confidence as they experience ocean adventures such as surfing, paddling, snorkeling, canoeing, and swimming with marine wildlife. The watery environment we share with most of them is akin to a “healing tonic,” especially in the warm Hawaiian ocean…and whether they adventure on land or sea—they’ll leave with a fresh, hopeful, healing perspective.

Although we are a sea-focused organization, depending on the needs (and wants!) of our recipients, we sometimes arrange adventures that are not in the ocean. However, being in Hawaii, we are always surrounded by healing waters! For example, we may offer horseback riding, zip-line rides, or some of our combat-wounded service members may even have the option of skydiving with our military spokesman, Colonel John Bates, U.S.M.C. (Ret.), and his professional skydiving team “the Flying Leathernecks”!

Your Sea Inspiration team knows that being outdoors in or near the ocean offers a therapeutic benefit for most people. We know, because we have felt it personally. Our goal through Healing Adventures is to share similar opportunities with others and help them gain whatever healing benefits are possible from the sea and nature.

You can help us make these beneficial outings possible with your donation today!

If you would like to sponsor an entire Healing Adventure event, please email us. Thank you!

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