Mission and Values

We want to inspire more healing on our blue planet.

Oceans and sea life are suffering from pollution, warming, and overall degradation. At the same time, many people in the world are working through physical or emotional challenges.

Our mission at Sea Inspiration is to bring healing to people and the sea by sharing positive, healing, and inspiring ocean experiences.

We are progressing toward our greater vision: A world in which people respect the ocean, see the healing it offers, and are better sea stewards.

To achieve our objectives, we:

  • Provide healing sea-related adventures for people who face medical challenges.
  • Document the healing sea experiences we offer, and use our movies to inspire and educate so others can see healing.
  • Educate people—especially children and young adults—about a wide variety of marine conservation issues and what they can do to help.
  • Produce ocean education/conservation-themed films of all lengths.
  • Distribute Sea Inspiration films and collateral materials to Veterans Administration facilities, children’s hospitals, hospices, and similar entities.
  • Engage and empower people of all ages to create an inspiring impact for people, ocean ecosystems, marine life, and future generations of all species.

Values that guide us:

Intrinsic Worth: We believe that every person has inherent value and should be treated with respect and kindness. We are especially supportive of children, US military veterans, and US military service members and their families.

Stewardship: Improving the condition of the seas that sustain our lives; they literally provide 70% of our oxygen!

Community: Our home state of Hawaii has given us so much joy, from beautiful scenery and warm breezes to the wonderful, vibrant tapestry of people who live here. We care for our neighbors and strive to interact with everyone in a positive manner.

Adventure: Our deep love for the sea inspires us to be on it, and in it. We want to share sea healing and ocean enjoyment with people who have never had the opportunity to see, feel, and smell the salty ocean…and with those who can benefit the most.

Now, learn why we do what we do and how we are carrying out our mission!


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