Success Stories

Because of our fantastic and generous supporters, Sea Inspiration has many positive reports to share with you about the work we do bringing people and the oceans together for healing.

Sergeant Ian Parkinson's Story

Sea Inspiration provided me with one of the most inspiring, and truly unforgettable experiences. Words fall flat when trying to articulate what Sea Inspiration gave me; I can mentally catalog and echo all the events that I was given to take part in, but that fails to bring to light the people coupled with each activity who made it all such as a remarkable time for me.

Wounded Veteran Shilo Harris Goes on Healing Adventures

On November 20, 2016, Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris, U.S. Army (Retired) and his sweetheart and partner, Jamie PK, visited Oahu, Hawaii and the Sea Inspiration Team at the urging of our US Military Spokesman, Colonel John R. Bates, USMC (Retired).

Ellie Meets Kama the Surfing Pig

Ellie was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two. She was introduced to Kama the Surfing Pig on YouTube. We, at Sea Inspiration, are very thankful to be able to be part of making a wonderful child’s wishes come true!

Drowning Dolphin Rescue

The Drowning Dolphin Rescue is my favorite My Beach Report. It was a miraculous day on the ocean with Mick O’Brien, the owner and captain of Kanaloa Fishing Charters based in Haleiwa Harbor…  


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