We’ve been doing this for a long time, and are proud of the people we’ve helped and the difference we’re making for the oceans.

Below you’ll find some of the feedback and thanks w

Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters Child Life Department (Norfolk, VA): “Our patients and families absolutely love the DVDs. Your gift truly made a difference in the lives of children who are battling life threatening diseases.” ~ Sherry Brooks, Office Coordinator

Shriners Hospitals for Children (Los Angeles, CA): “We have received very positive feedback from the staff, patients, and families that your DVD’s are highly informative and inspiring to both young and old.” ~ Aaron Hanson, Director of Development

Google Ocean: “Thank you for all your great content and for being our first ‘OCEAN in Google Earth’ contributor. Thanks to your early efforts followed by many great partners and many world class photographers and videographers, we have launched Google Ocean and we will continue to build it out to populate new parts of the blue parts of our world.” ~ Charlotte Vick, Curator, Explore the Ocean in Google Earth Strategic Partnership Director

Make-A-Wish Foundation (Honolulu, HI): “Make-A-Wish Hawaii would like to recognize Sea Inspiration and their Healing Adventures initiative for supporting our mission to grant wishes of children in Hawaii and across the United States battling life-threatening medical conditions.” ~ James Donnelly, Director of Development

National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA; Columbia, SC): “Your timely ‘My Beach Report’ program is now available to millions of students and teachers nationwide. NETA looks forward to working with you for many years to come! ~ Jady Wade, NETA Educational Resources

US Army Installation Management Command, Pacific Region (Schofield Barracks, HI): “We at Channel 2 are in the process of making Sea Inspiration’s educational, inspirational programming available to all U.S. Military Channels worldwide. This type of programming will truly inspire our troops as they continue to fight for our freedom.” ~ Larry Thomas, General Manager Channel 2, The Military Channel

YMCA of South Hampton Roads (Chesapeake, VA): “Learning about a diverse array of topics at the Y, including the environment we live in, is critical for the development of our youth. “ ~ Seth Milbrand, Operations Director

Gompers Prepatory Academy (San Diego, CA): “I think we are kindred spirits in the quest to see young people learn the importance of protecting our wild places and natural resources.” ~ Ted Godshalk, Eighth Grade Science

Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, Spalding Clubhouse (Honolulu, HI): “Your gift has taught youth at Spalding the importance of preserving our planet, and has inspired them to become good stewards of the environment.” ~ Kristen Corey, Elementary Director

Dr. Clara M. Lincoln (Heisson, WA): “Always the common theme Ray promotes is ocean awareness and raising the consciousness level of people internationally.”

Campbell High School (Honolulu, HI): “You have been an inspiration to our students about making our ocean playground a safe and healthy environment for all to enjoy.” ~ Chrissy Smith, Media Arts, AP Art History, IB Film Teacher, Saber Media Advisor

Five Acres (Altadena, CA): “The board of directors and I are deeply grateful for your support, which will extend our resources and make a tangible difference in the lives of children and families in need.” ~ Robert A. Ketch, Executive Director and Cathleen McClement, Director of Philanthropy

Grassfield High School (Chesapeake, VA): “Both students and faculty at Grassfield High School are looking forward to working with you on the ‘My Beach Report’ television show.” ~ Donna H. Olivenbaum, M.A. Social Science Teacher, Ecology Club Sponsor

SCORE (Honolulu, HI): “Ray is a remarkable giver, always giving to causes, people in need such as the wounded warrior program, as well as giving awareness and sustainability to our environment.” ~ Keith Ogata, SCORE National Secretary and Director

Valley Oak Charter School (Ojai, CA): “I do hope that as time goes on your work will be seen by increasing numbers of young and old alike, and that they will be full of the wonderful feelings that your work has given my students.” ~ Glenn Hening, Supervising Teacher

Ocean Defenders Alliance (Huntington Beach, CA): “I have been a huge supporter of Sea Inspiration for years, and appreciate all the informative videos they produce every year. I think their efforts have huge potential for educating people of all ages to the fact that the health of the oceans is critical to human health.” ~ Kurt Lieber, President and Founder

Ocean Joy Cruises (Hawaii): “You have really developed a great way to interest young people and motivate them to appreciate and care for the ocean and the life it supports.” ~ Shane Griffin, President

Ocean Network (Kailua, HI): “We are very excited to showcase your programming as we feel it will help us in our mission of educating the public about the importance supporting our Wounded Warriors and the significance the marine environment plays in their rehabilitation and in our daily lives. ~ Ken Sanders, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder

Sweetwater Middle School (Lawrenceville, GA): “It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that the students of Sweetwater Middle School and our community are proud to join the team of roving student reporters for “My Beach Report.” ~ Mrs. Tiffani Zernhelt, M.Ed, Teacher, and Mrs. Georgann C. Eaton, Principal

Headquarters, United States Army Japan (Japan): “It is a wonderful educational tool presented by children – yet the information and production is top notch.” ~ James McGee, Broadcast Chief

Wyland Galleries (Honolulu, HI): “It is encouraging when an individual such as you uses his time, energy, and talent to tell the story of our oceans with a camera and a microphone.” ~ Bill Wyland

Now that you’ve heard from so many great sources about the good work we do, we hope you want to join in and add your support!


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