Inspiring Ocean Videos

Sea Inspiration does a great deal of filming in and around the sea.

We do this because we want you to see the sea and its beauty. We want to help you understand how the sea can help heal humanity (& vice versa). And we want to inspire you to become an active force for educating others and protecting the seas for future generations.

To help oceans and people, we use our footage in a variety of ways, from “My Beach Reports” to filming our Healing Adventures outings. We share our videos and photos far and wide, educating and inspiring the world—just as we are doing with you here and now!

Our video works its magic a number of ways, including:

Magical Sea Encounter By Eva Makk

The magical moment during a free-diving session when you have a close encounter with a pod of dolphins, but not just any pod. This particular pod has a white baby dolphin that locks eyes with you! The baby white dolphin and mother swam circles around Ray for over two minutes, all the while the baby positioned itself next to Ray. What an absolute thrill! Eva Makk recreated this moment with her brush and paints based on the recount of underwater cinematographer, Ray Hollowell, founder of Sea Inspiration, a non-profit helping to educate and inspire children and their families on how they can become good stewards of our marine environment, as well as helping people with medical challenges experience the ocean. A percentage of sales of Magical Sea Encounter by Eva Makk will be donated to Sea Inspiration. Available as a canvas print (giclee) or metal print. Contact Information: Makk Studios (808) 373-2772


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