Meet Sea Inspiration

We make ocean healing happen!

Serving children, U.S. service members, and veterans with medical challenges.

Inspiring respect and awe for the seas.

We appreciate its seeming unending beauty, but the oceans are in trouble. That’s why we educate the public to be active stewards.

Bringing people and oceans together.

Sea Inspiration’s ocean experiences are beneficial for people needing healing, and help create awareness of the need for healthy oceans.

Sea Inspiration: People and oceans healing each other.

In 2002, our Founder, Ray Hollowell, nearly died at the notorious Banzai Pipeline while filming professional surfers. While healing, he reflected on his life and profession and vowed to start doing something for the ocean instead of only taking enjoyment and a career from it! In 2009, he founded and, with the help of other ocean lovers, began giving back. In 2017, we changed the name of the organization to Sea Inspiration — same people, same great mission, and still a 501(c)(3) nonprofit #26-4836548 based in Honolulu, Hawaii.


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