Artist EVA MAKK and ELLIE LAWRENCE now 8 years old!

“The True Story Of Ellie And Kama The Surfing Pig” is a project of Sea Inspiration’s HEALING ADVENTURES program and a one-of-a-kind coloring and activity book that is the epitome of ART THERAPY!

The Sea Inspiration Team has developed this coloring and activity book that we would like to distribute for free to children in hospitals as a Pillow Gift and elementary school students across the United States and worldwide!

To do this, we need your help!
Our coloring and activity book features: 

  • Ellie Lawrence, a young cancer survivor and how her dream came true
  • Kama The Surfing Pig, the world’s most famous Wave Hog 
  • Artwork created by one of the world’s foremost living impressionist artist, Eva Makk
  • Educational content about our marine environment
  • Our QR code on the book cover takes viewers to our Sea Inspiration TV Channel on VIMEO

Today, we ask that you join us with our goal to get this delightful story of hope and healing to as many children’s medical facilities and elementary schools as possible for kids and their families to enjoy.

Net proceeds go to support the Sea Inspiration mission.

On behalf of your generous donation, the Sea Inspiration team will deliver books to the organization of your choice, which includes shipping and handling!

For detailed information regarding your Donation and Sponsorship Package opportunities, please send us an email at [email protected]