Al Flowers

I am an Army Reserve Engineer Officer who has been in the military as an enlisted soldier and officer for 30 years. I served most recently for two years as the Deputy Area Engineer at Camp Humphreys, S. Korea for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Far East District. I assisted with the supervision of 135 USACE employees on the largest project in the USACE: the $10.7 billion relocation plan to move the vast majority of all military personnel across S. Korea to Camp Humphreys. Upon relocation of troops, Camp Humphreys will become the largest Department of Defense (DOD) base overseas, with approximately 43,000 DOD/military, civilian personnel, and accompanying family members. I came to Hawaii last summer for medical treatment at Tripler Army Medical Center and am now assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion at Schofield Barracks, HI.

While recovering at the Fisher House with my wife (I was one of the patients needing additional medical care), I met Ray Hollowell and Patti Mitchell who were serving as volunteers to military veterans and their families. I was impressed with their vision for Sea Inspiration—and their passion to protect marine wildlife and help people appreciate the beauty of our oceans.

After living in Virginia Beach, VA for eight years and now being stationed in Hawaii, I have a developed a great love for the ocean…and especially Hawaii. I’ve enjoyed the beauty of Oahu’s beaches and have had opportunities to sail, surf, and snorkel in these beautiful waters. The serenity of a beach sunset, the esthetic beauty of the ocean waves crashing onto the shore, and the vibrant marine life inspire me. I want to embrace this opportunity to serve with Sea Inspiration and share my enthusiasm with (and for!) our children and future grandchildren.

I believe I can provide a wealth of experience from my civilian careers. My most recent position was as a contract administrator with a DOD Navy contractor. I served as District Manager of 17 Franchise owners with Kellogg Foods in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia with a population of 1.6 million people. I also worked as a Sales Analyst and Sales Representative in a $185 million-dollar business unit of a multinational chemical company. I served several years in sales and management positons with consumer goods companies and operated a small business for five years.

I have been married to my wife Libby for 33 years, and we are blessed with five outstanding children and one beautiful granddaughter. Thinking of my grandchildren eventually inheriting the planet from us really inspires me to help Sea Inspiration!

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