Margy O'Kelly

Sea Inspiration was an exciting venture from the get-go, and I have been on board (and on the Board) with Ray since the inception of this sea-inspired charitable organization.

The many public awareness and outreach opportunities afforded by Sea Inspiration have been highly rewarding: Sick children and wounded veterans, among others, have visited our shores and have been thrilled to enjoy our beautiful ocean. We were able to help them experience the healing waters of our wonderful coast.

As a teacher, I am especially excited to support the educational components of Sea Inspiration’s programming and events. The ocean is a soothing, beautiful entity, deserving of our attention and respect. I am grateful to be involved in facilitating greater awareness of it, as well as helping people with various disabilities use it as a wonderful, natural, healing resource that they can enjoy.

With a longstanding interest in all the arts, I am drawn to the beauty and uplifting potential of the ocean and nature. My involvement with Sea Inspiration is a very comfortable fit.

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